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AGS Management Consultant Pte Ltd --- UNIQUE NEW PROJECT IN DEC. 2014

Beneficial project in honour of elderly in ageing society

Since retirement some years ago, a Singaporean UN Fellowship Scholar Chang Soo, Chairman, CEO, Chief Consultant, kept thinking what to do next. So he did market study and research for 2+ years recently and value created a beneficial project to honour the elderly in an ageing society.


Together with experts and specialists from Singapore, USA and China, he wants to work with Venture Capitalists, Philanthropists, Donors and Others to make things happen to do good well.


This beneficial project will improve elderly health, reduces family tension, creates happiness, has high impact value, low risk, good return-on-investment (ROI), offers jobs, develops skills and improves income with better future.


AGS Management Consultants Group designed this project with high quality elderly care in a resort village ready for operation with help and support. Costs are variable and flexible depending on number of beds needed (50-200). No venture, no gain.


It can be located in an urban, suburban or rural area. It also has good opportunity for chain operation and cross-boarder application. Experts see good prospects for project sustainability, expansion and growth.


Contact: Chang Soo (65) 9382 9228